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Gotan Project La Revancha Del Tango Torrent Download ((FULL))

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Gotan Project La Revancha Del Tango Torrent Download: How to Enjoy the Fusion of Tango and Electronica

If you are a fan of tango music and electronica, you might have heard of Gotan Project, a musical group that combines these two genres in a unique and innovative way. Gotan Project was formed in 1999 by Philippe Cohen Solal, Eduardo Makaroff, and Christoph H. MÃller, who met in Paris and shared a passion for Argentinean culture and music. Their debut album, La Revancha Del Tango, was released in 2001 and became a worldwide success, blending traditional tango instruments like the bandoneon, the violin, and the piano with modern beats and samples.

La Revancha Del Tango is a masterpiece of musical fusion, featuring 10 tracks that explore different aspects of tango and electronica. Some of the highlights include "Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)", a sensual and hypnotic song that features the vocals of Cristina Vilallonga; "Epoca", a catchy and upbeat tune that mixes tango rhythms with hip-hop elements; "Triptico", a complex and rich composition that showcases the skills of the musicians; and "Vuelvo Al Sur", a beautiful and melancholic cover of a classic song by Astor Piazzolla, the master of nuevo tango.

If you want to enjoy this album in high quality, you might be interested in downloading it as a torrent. A torrent is a file that contains information about other files that are distributed over a peer-to-peer network. By using a torrent client, you can download the files you want from other users who have them on their computers. This way, you can access content that might not be available on other platforms or that might be too expensive to buy.

However, before you download any torrent, you should be aware of some risks and precautions. First of all, you should make sure that the torrent you are downloading is legal and does not infringe any copyright laws. You can check this by looking at the source of the torrent, the comments of other users, and the reputation of the uploader. Second, you should protect your computer from viruses and malware that might be hidden in some torrents. You can do this by using an antivirus program, a firewall, and a VPN service. Third, you should respect the etiquette of torrenting, which means that you should seed (upload) as much as you leech (download), so that other users can benefit from your files.

Now that you know how to download torrents safely and responsibly, you might be wondering where to find the torrent for Gotan Project La Revancha Del Tango. There are many websites that offer torrents for music albums, but some of them might not be reliable or secure. To help you out, we have selected three websites that have positive reviews and feedback from users and that offer high-quality torrents for La Revancha Del Tango. Here they are:

Qobuz: This is a website that specializes in streaming and downloading music in high-resolution formats. You can find La Revancha Del Tango in FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), which is a format that preserves the original quality of the audio without any compression or loss. You can download the album as a torrent or as a direct download from Qobuz's servers. However, you will need to create an account and pay a subscription fee to access this service. This is a website that provides free access to millions of digital files, including books, movies, music, software, and more. You can find La Revancha Del Tango Live, which is a live recording of Gotan Project's performance at the Grand Rex Theatre in Paris in 2003. You can download the album as a torrent or as individual MP3 files from's servers. You don't need to create an account or pay anything to use this service. ec8f644aee

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