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August Rush Full Movie Greek Subs

August Rush Full Movie Greek Subs ===>

August Rush Full Movie Greek Subs

A video of Rebecca's episode from Myrtle Beach goes viral and the ZBZs advise her to lay low. However, Rebecca begins to snap, and national ZBZ rep Tegan advises Casey to remove her. However, Casey and the other ZBZs stand by her side to support Rebecca through her troubling times. Meanwhile, Frannie tries to tell Casey about her and Evan, but Casey finds out after seeing them kissing during the Greek Week championship ceremony. Casey later begins crushing on Drew, who turns out to be Ashleigh's "hotness monster" from spring break. After fighting over him, neither of them end up with him since he seemed uninterested in Ashleigh and Casey is distracted by Frannie and Evan being together. After "processing" Frannie and Evan's relationship for a while, Casey ultimately decides that she and Frannie cannot be friends since she chose a boy over their friendship. When Rebecca realizes Cappie isn't serious enough to help her cope with her family issues and still isn't over Casey, the two decide to break up. Ashleigh suddenly realizes she has a spending problem and Rusty is in desperate need of a car. So, Casey and Ashleigh recruit Rusty's resident advisor, Max (Michael Rady) to help them count cards and win money at the Omega Chi's casino night. Casey becomes interested in Max, and the two begin dating shortly thereafter. Frannie, Ashleigh and Casey go to Florida for a ZBZ convention, and Frannie successfully overturns a rule concerning a removed officer being prohibited from ever seeking that office again (revealing her intentions to challenge Casey for president). Meanwhile, Calvin cheats on Michael with Heath, and the two break up since Calvin doesn't really know what he wants. Cappie and Rebecca briefly try to be friends with benefits, but she's not entirely over him and he's not entirely over Casey. Casey worries that her geeky boyfriend, Max may jeopardize her presidency campaign, but she later realizes that she cares more about Max than his reputation (unlike Evan). After some ugly politics between Frannie and Casey, Ashleigh unexpectedly wins the ZBZ presidency. Despite her election, Ashleigh has trouble performing her duties with Frannie and Casey both trying to influence her decisions. Meanwhile, Rusty runs into Jen K. and they try to rekindle their relationship, but he realizes he will never get over what she did to the Greeks. In the season finale, Rusty and Calvin both become actives in their respective fraternities, Kappa Tau and Omega Chi. Max gets accepted to Caltech and Casey gets an internship in Washington, D.C. The two seem to decide to split, seeing that a long-distance relationship would not work. And during ZBZ initiation, Frannie announces that she's starting her own sorority, with financial help from Evan, and Rebecca must make a choice between Frannie and the ZBZs.

Max decided to stay at CRU for grad school to be with Casey. Rebecca becomes a spy for the ZBZs by "joining" Frannie's sorority, the Iota Kappa Iotas, but she gets caught and returns to the ZBZs. Evan becomes president of the Omega Chis and tries to recruit Calvin's high school friend Andy (Jesse McCartney), an all-state football star. New ZBZ president Ashleigh assumes full responsibility by taking over from interim president Casey; however, Casey remains a prominent figure in the house by becoming Rush Chair and Pledge Educator. During rush, Rusty takes a liking to Andy and convinces him to join the Kappa Tau house over the Omega Chi house. Rusty, Dale and Calvin also take an art history elective, and Rusty falls (literally) for a student named Jordan (Johanna Braddy). Jordan attends a Kappa Tau party on invite from Rusty, during which she makes out with Andy and decides to pledge ZBZ. Rusty's situation worsens when Cappie makes Rusty Andy's big brother and Andy and Jordan start dating. Later, Jordan and Rusty kiss, which Rusty admits to Andy, who leaves Kappa Tau. Rusty's betrayal of his little brother i


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