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Resolume Arena 6.0.1


Resolume Arena 6.0.1

Resolume Arena 6.0.1: The Ultimate VJ Software for Live Visuals

Resolume Arena 6.0.1 is the latest update of the powerful VJ software that lets you create and perform stunning live visuals. Whether you're a seasoned VJ or a beginner, Resolume Arena 6.0.1 has everything you need to unleash your creativity and impress your audience.

In this article, we'll show you some of the features and improvements that make Resolume Arena 6.0.1 the best version yet.

What is Resolume Arena

Resolume Arena is a software that allows you to mix and manipulate video, audio, and effects in real-time. You can use it to create live visuals for concerts, festivals, clubs, theaters, art installations, and more.

With Resolume Arena, you can:

Play video clips, images, text, and generative graphics

Apply effects, transitions, masks, and blend modes

Sync visuals to music or external sources

Control everything with MIDI, OSC, DMX, or keyboard

Output to multiple screens, projectors, LED walls, or mapping surfaces

Record or stream your performance

Resolume Arena is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, and supports a wide range of video formats and codecs, including DXV, the fastest codec for VJing.

What's new in Resolume Arena 6.0.1

Resolume Arena 6.0.1 is the first update after the major release of Resolume Avenue & Arena 6.0.0 in November 2017. It fixes some bugs and adds some enhancements to make your VJing experience even smoother and more enjoyable.

Some of the highlights of Resolume Arena 6.0.1 are:

You can now open compositions from Avenue 4 and Arena 5 in version 6

The Auto Mask effect now preserves the original alpha channel

The Cube Tiles effect no longer flips the texture upside down on tiles

The Freeze effect now freezes from top to bottom as in version 5

The Radar effect's trail and angle are now consistent with version 5

The Wrap Around soft-edge option now works as expected

The GUI help has been updated with new screenshots and tips

The BeatLoopr UI has been corrected

The Preferences are no longer reset when switching between versions

The Paste Effects option now keeps the destination clip's original effects

The Custom OSC output no longer stays visible after closing the window

The Stingy Sphere effect no longer freezes rendering on launch

The Artnet Error: WSASendMSG is not available message has been fixed

The Spout Video Source now has an Alpha Type setting

The Clip / Layer / Group bypass & solo now apply fades on audio

The Metronome and FFT gain no longer overlap when panels are on the right

You can download Resolume Arena 6.0.1 from the official website. If you already have a license for version 6, this update is free for you. If you have a license for version 5 or older, you can upgrade with a discount.

Why choose Resolume Arena

Resolume Arena is the ultimate VJ software for live visuals because it gives you total control over your performance. You can mix and match any media you want, adjust everything on the fly, and output to any device or surface you can imagine.

Resolume Arena is also designed to be fast and reliable. It uses GPU acceleration to render high-quality visuals at low latency. It also has a self-updating feature that allows you to get the latest improvements and fixes without hassle.

Resolume Arena is not only a software, but also a community of passionate VJs who share their tips, tricks, tutorials, and content on the forum, the blog, and the Juicebar. You can learn from them, get inspired 061ffe29dd


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