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Download Ppjoy Joystick Driver - PATCHED

Download ===>

The virtual driver interface allows you to emulate joystick input from other applications or other physical controllers. Windows will treat these devices just like any other joystick and they can be used in any game or application that accepts joystick input.

The drivers included allow you to use sega, playstation, NES gamepads, as well as older game consoles such as Atari by connecting them via the parallel port. The system detects what game system to adapt to, and allows the user to customize buttons to their preference for quick and easy play. It is stated to be similar to the Direct Pad Pro. PPjoy supports a virtual joystick interface which functions so that other applications can use the interface to generate joystick events through the application. There is also a keyboard-to-joystick application that uses this interface as well.

PPJoy is a joystick device driver for Windows. PPJoy was originally designed for joysticks connected to the parallel port but it also supports other devices connected via USB, MIDI or the virtual joystick interface.

In order to test if it worked, use the PPJoy control panel applet to readd a virtual device. If it is possible to set the device mappings the new driver installed properly. Connect any joysticks to the system and check to see if PPJoy had the lowest ID number. The device with the lowest ID will appear on top in the USB Game controller control panel applet.

I tried the sample.ini from 32bit lib download (with : [Mappings]PAD1=Controller (Cyborg Rumble Pad - PC/Xbox 360)PAD4=Dual Trigger 3-in-1).I also tried some other ini file, nothing seems to work or change anything. I tried deleting (remove from both system & direct input from ppjoy config) the virtual joysticks, adding them again, which requires a reboot. I then tried to just remove them from direct Input and then re-add them, but this doesn't change anything either.

Confirming the regression. Works under older "xinputemu3.0-vista" but I'm unable to get it running with the latest versions. Using Windows 7 64 bit, ppjoy, glovepie 0.45, original windows bluetooth stack. 1e1e36bf2d


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