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One more example of a non-lifelong commitment is the case of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers before 1974. They had to follow strict rules regarding marriage: they could only get married after completing five years of service, having enough savings in a bank account to support a spouse, and obtaining the permission of a commanding officer. These rules were so restrictive that many officers chose to quit the force in order to marry their partners, as my grandfather did when he married my grandmother in the 1950s. This was a fairly common phenomenon at that time.

These examples show that not all commitments are meant to last forever. Sometimes, people change their minds, circumstances change, or new opportunities arise. In such cases, it may be better to end a commitment than to continue it reluctantly or unhappily.

However, this does not mean that commitments are meaningless or disposable. Commitments are still valuable and important for personal growth, social relationships, and moral responsibility. They help us to define our goals, values, and identities. They also help us to connect with others who share our interests, passions, and beliefs.

Therefore, the challenge is to find a balance between making and breaking commitments. We should not make commitments lightly or impulsively, but we should also not be afraid to end them if they no longer serve our well-being or happiness. We should respect our commitments, but we should also respect ourselves and our freedom to choose. 061ffe29dd


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