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Libro Trazos Conceptos Y Colores Pdf Download


Libro Trazos Conceptos Y Colores Pdf Download

Libro Trazos Conceptos Y Colores: A Guide for Preschoolers

Libro Trazos Conceptos Y Colores is a book that teaches children how to draw, recognize shapes and colors, and develop their creativity. It is published by GarcÃa Editorial Infantil, a company that specializes in educational materials for early childhood education[^1^]. The book contains 32 pages of fun and engaging activities that help children learn and practice basic concepts such as lines, curves, circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, primary and secondary colors, and more.

The book is available in PDF format for easy download and printing. You can find it on Issuu[^1^], Microsoft Sway[^2^], or SoundCloud[^3^]. The book is suitable for children aged 3 to 5 years old who are starting to explore the world of art and design. Libro Trazos Conceptos Y Colores is a great resource for parents, teachers, and caregivers who want to stimulate the children's imagination and cognitive skills.GarcÃa Editorial Infantil is a Mexican company that has been producing books for children for more than 30 years. Their mission is to create books with high educational value that support teachers and parents in the learning process of the children[^4^]. They have a wide range of products, such as silabarios, grafomanÃas, abecedarios, tarjetas, portadores, cuentos, and more. They also have a website where you can download their catalog and order their books online[^1^]. You can also follow them on Facebook[^2^], LinkedIn[^3^], and Instagram[^4^] to stay updated on their latest news and promotions.One of the most popular products of GarcÃa Editorial Infantil is Libro Trazos Conceptos Y Colores, which is designed to help preschoolers develop their fine motor skills, visual perception, and artistic expression. The book has four main sections: trazos, conceptos, colores, and dibujos. In each section, the children can practice different types of strokes, such as vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curved, and spiral. They can also learn about basic concepts, such as big and small, inside and outside, above and below, and more. They can also identify and name the primary and secondary colors, and mix them to create new shades. Finally, they can use their imagination and creativity to draw their own pictures using the shapes and colors they have learned.

The book is designed to be fun and interactive for the children. It has colorful illustrations, stickers, cut-outs, and puzzles that make the learning process more enjoyable. The book also has clear instructions and examples that guide the children through each activity. The book is aligned with the official curriculum of the Mexican Ministry of Education for preschool education. It covers the fields of artistic expression and appreciation, exploration and knowledge of the natural and social world, personal and social development, language and communication, mathematical thinking, and physical development and health.

Libro Trazos Conceptos Y Colores is a great tool for parents and teachers who want to support the children's learning at home or in the classroom. It is also a great gift for children who love to draw and color. The book is available in PDF format for easy download and printing. You can find it on Issuu, Microsoft Sway, or SoundCloud. You can also visit the website of GarcÃa Editorial Infantil to learn more about their other products and services. 248dff8e21


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