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Madarij Al Salikeen Urdu Pdf Download Free

Madarij Al Salikeen Urdu Pdf Download -

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Madarij al Salikeen: A Classic Work on Islamic Spirituality by Ibn al-Qayyim

Madarij al Salikeen (The Stations of the Seekers) is a famous book on Islamic spirituality written by Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya (d. 751 AH/1350 CE), one of the most prominent scholars of Islam. The book is based on a verse from the Quran that says: "And those who strive in Our cause, We will surely guide them to Our paths" (29:69). Ibn al-Qayyim explains the different stages and levels of spiritual journey that a seeker of Allah goes through, from repentance and purification to love and nearness to Allah.

The book is divided into three parts, each containing ten chapters. The first part deals with the knowledge and actions that are necessary for the seekers of Allah. The second part describes the different types of worship and devotion that bring one closer to Allah. The third part discusses the highest degrees of spiritual excellence and intimacy with Allah. The book is full of Quranic verses, prophetic traditions, stories of the righteous predecessors, and insights from Ibn al-Qayyim's own experience.

Madarij al Salikeen is widely regarded as one of the best works on Islamic spirituality ever written. It has been translated into several languages, including English, Urdu, Turkish, and Indonesian. The book is available in PDF format for free download from various online sources. Some of them are:

Madarij As Salikeen [English] Vol 1 and 2 [^1^]

Ibnul Qayyim - Madarijus Salikin [^2^]

Madarij Al-Salikin (Urdu) [^3^]

If you are interested in learning more about Islamic spirituality and how to attain closeness to Allah, Madarij al Salikeen is a must-read book for you.Here are a few more paragraphs for the article:

Who was Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya, the author of Madarij al Salikeen He was a renowned scholar, jurist, theologian, and spiritual master of Islam. He was born in Damascus in 691 AH/1292 CE and died in the same city in 751 AH/1350 CE. His full name was Shams al-Din Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr ibn Ayyub ibn Sa'd ibn Hurayz al-Zar'i al-Dimashqi.

Ibn al-Qayyim was fervent in his devotion to his teacher, Imam Taqiyyu-Deen Ahmad Ibn Taimiyyah, one of the greatest Muslim scholars of all time. He defended his religious opinions and approaches, and he compiled and edited most of his works, and taught the same. He also wrote many books on various Islamic sciences, such as Quranic exegesis, Hadith, jurisprudence, creed, history, ethics, and mysticism. Some of his famous works are Zad al-Ma'ad (Provisions of the Hereafter), Ighathat al-Lahfan (Relief for the Distressed), Al-Wabil al-Sayyib (The Beneficial Shower), and Miftah Dar al-Sa'adah (The Key to the Abode of Happiness).

Ibn al-Qayyim was a man of great piety, sincerity, and wisdom. He was known for his asceticism, generosity, humility, and love for Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him). He spent much of his time in worship, remembrance, and contemplation. He also cared for the poor, the needy, the sick, and the oppressed. He was a role model for Muslims in his time and for generations to come. 9160f4acd4


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